Sparrow’s Flight: Words on a Page #sparrowsflight

Never in a million years would I have believed my weekly goal would be to simply put words on a page. I type things up regularly. My time is spent on a computer. (a great deal of it. just ask my son.) Yet, putting words on a page for a current work in progress alludes me. I have a laundry list of works and ideas. Characters are screaming for attention.

Still, I struggle.

One of the things I’m working to do is set up a schedule to allow myself time to shut out the rest of the world and work related items. As much as I love my day job, I miss the one on one time I have with the works/characters/worlds that have been created. There is so much joy in it that I’m missing out on.

I also miss the interactions with my readers. A shift in focus has happened and I am working to balance out the shift, so I don’t lose one of the things I have come to thoroughly enjoy. I’m happy to report, I’VE GOT WORDS!! WORDS ARE ON THE PAGE PEOPLE!!

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