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Kelsey Elise Sparrow, author of MC, multicultural, and fantasy romance novels. A hopeless romantic she definitely is! Lover of great movies and music. She is also an avid reader. Word games are her pastime. This author calls Georgia her home, loves sweet tea, and fantasy worlds. The worlds she creates are based upon dreams and imaginings that take the reader on a journey unlike any other.
Kelsey sees the world as one big opportunity to grow, discover, and learn. Something sinister is always lurking in the corner to snuff out the beauty. Most notable series are The Norton Sisters and The Whiskey Sweet novels. Coming soon is the Inked to the Max series. “Imagination takes flight” isn’t just her tagline, it is her way of living. Follow her on social media to discover where her creative mind will take you. 
Heart. Sass. Shock. And a little bit of C … Tick Tock!

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