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Do you prefer to listen to your favorite author’s works versus reading them? Or do you simply enjoy hearing a good read? Look no further. Here you’ll find of my works that have been recorded by some amazing narrators.

Teenagers don’t have much of anything to worry about. They’ve got it great! Most live without having a genuine worry or care. Their parents provide for them and love on them, making their lives grand. All they have to do is go to school.

I wish that was my life. I’ve hoped to be one of those teenagers. Not my lot in life, I guess. Nope. I have to be in the other percentile. FML!

Broken Promises
Whiskey Sweet Series, Book 1

How is a person supposed to come to terms with these facts?

Fact 1: My parents aren’t upstanding citizens (kind of learned that one at an early age)
Fact 2: The same two people who gave me life are the same people I, not too long ago, watched slice up two of my high school peers. (Great! Serial killers on top of idiotic thieves.)

Oh, and that’s just the starter. What comes next makes those things seem like child’s play or having a cotton candy treat at a damn fair.

Destiny? Fate? I’d like to give those bitches a swift kick in the teeth.
Kincaid Kierney has his work cut out for him if I’m the one he wants to spend his time with.

****Warning: Abuse related scenes within the pages of this book. ****

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Inked to the Max Intro

Lipstick kisses and caviar dreams don’t have a place in my life or his.
~ Max (Rebecca Robbins)
I’m a bad ass bitch. It’s a truth of mine. I live it and breathe that shit. No, I’m not conceited or full of myself. It’s just something I’ve discovered over the years.
I’m damn good by myself, always have been, always will. What I didn’t know is I can be improved upon.
Enter the equally bad ass and hella charismatic Deckard Camden. Who, the hell, told him to be this jaw-droppingly gorgeous, mountain of a man, in comparison to my little self, projecting a wall of defense that rivals my own?
Nobody prepared me for the sensual words that would fall from his lips or the massive … peace he would bring to my life.
Damn sure didn’t get me ready to be Deckard Camden’s wife … wait, what?


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