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Coming this Fall: Kentucky Running @kelseyesparrow

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Kentucky Running is my debut release and is available now for pre-order

Title: Kentucky Running

Subtitle: A Road to Dallas

Author: Kelsey Elise Sparrow

Genre: Romantic Suspense, stand alone

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The Demeaning Factor #randomthoughts

I was having a conversation with my friend today and it started me to thinking. She was upset because a mutual acquaintances of ours asked her opinion on something. Once she gave her opinion on the subject, the person proceeded to go into great detail as to why she was wrong.

I am one that loves fact finding and research. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. Note a key word in my statement: fact. My mouth dropped open and eyes bugged out of my head when she stated this individual set out to prove her opinion wrong. Is there something I am missing here? When did we begin to research opinion?

Survey says:Β  “I’m not answering that question because it isn’t a quantifiable option.”

A person’s opinion is based on their beliefs, understandings, and ideals that usually deal in subjective lenses. Therefore, it is not a theory or fact that can be “proven” or “disproved” and should be taken at face value. Making a person feel bad for their opinion is a form of demeaning and diminishing the person. The fact that the opinion was requested makes the situation that much worse.

In the end, don’t request a person’s opinion on a subject or object if you aren’t willing to receive and accept whatever it is.

Imagining is only the beginning. The reality comes from the work you’re willing to put into that imagining.

❀ K. Sparrow ❀


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The future will bring fantasy and romance readers a number of works. The first release of Kentucky Running is a romantic suspense. The story is filled with thrilling happenstances and not-so-coincidental per chances for the young woman who dreams of seeing a world outside of her home state of Kentucky. Add in a super sexy trucker and things get interesting rather quickly. This stand alone work can be purchased here:

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πŸ’„ πŸ’„Paper Lipstick is Live πŸ’„ πŸ’„

πŸ’‹He swallows it whole as he passionately kisses me. I can barely breathe, but I don’t want him to stop the kisses…”

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