Sparrow’s Flight! #sparrowsflight


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Ideas they just keep a comin’! In my home, I have many…

Nope. Not that word. Definitely the wrong one. That one doesn’t encompass the amount.

I have an absorbent amount of idea journals and note cards.

I’ve written so many notes about a number of different concepts and stories. Now, all I have to do is sit down and flesh them out. I’m slowly but surely carving out time to give myself over to the characters who are vying for my attention. There are days when they are screaming to make me aware that they’ve been shelved. I feel so guilty about not giving the work (s) I’m so passionate about the energy they deserve.

I have unfinished projects that I said I wanted to have finished by a certain time that are currently sitting collecting dust waiting for that moment in the spotlight.

One thing I have been doing a bit more of is actually reading a book. I’m soooo excited about that. I haven’t dedicated a lot of time to reading in the past year. A great deal of my book enjoyment came in the form of listening to an audio book.

Over the last month or two, I’ve actually put my hands on books and read them. It reminded me just how much I loved having the weight of a book in my hands, especially when the book is amazing. The one I’m currently reading, Queen Move by Kennedy Ryan, is a page turner.

Queen Move (All the King's Men Series Book 3) - Kindle edition by Ryan,  Kennedy. Contemporary Romance Kindle eBooks @

Sparrow’s Flight: Words on a Page #sparrowsflight


Never in a million years would I have believed my weekly goal would be to simply put words on a page. I type things up regularly. My time is spent on a computer. (a great deal of it. just ask my son.) Yet, putting words on a page for a current work in progress alludes me. I have a laundry list of works and ideas. Characters are screaming for attention.

Still, I struggle.

One of the things I’m working to do is set up a schedule to allow myself time to shut out the rest of the world and work related items. As much as I love my day job, I miss the one on one time I have with the works/characters/worlds that have been created. There is so much joy in it that I’m missing out on.

I also miss the interactions with my readers. A shift in focus has happened and I am working to balance out the shift, so I don’t lose one of the things I have come to thoroughly enjoy. I’m happy to report, I’VE GOT WORDS!! WORDS ARE ON THE PAGE PEOPLE!!