The Norton Sisters


The Norton Sisters - Books 2-4

Ah, the Norton sisters! Six women who lead very different lives, but hold true to one truth, “In the end, family means everything, and your sisters hold you up. No matter what may come.”  They have held tight to one another through every trial and tribulation that came their way.

Zoie is the eldest and the quintessential “mother hen”. She owns a fairly lucrative day care on Jackson Street . 

Wynter is the second oldest and the one that was determined to not follow in her big sister’s footsteps. She is the doctor of the family. She runs her own office on Ford Street, the next block over from Jackson Street. She is a pediatric surgeon as well.

Rayna is the third in the Norton family line but was the first to share her story. She is a lawyer and runs a successful practice in the same building has Nyema. She is happily married to Christopher Leigh, an artist, and they have a daughter together. Sage is their firstborn child.

Nyesha was the third child from the bottom, but sadly the sisters buried her before she could reach adulthood or the potential that her sisters felt she had. Nyema is the twin of Nyesha and the mother of Nakia, her nine-year-old daughter. She is a child psychologist who runs her own practice out of an office on Tomlin street, which is the cross street to the east of Jackson and Ford.

Lynnia is the second to the last child and is four years older than Chyra. She is a restaurant owner on Jackson Street, just up the street from her sister’s day care. Being the last of the older sisters she found that she was the one to care for Chyra and resents her sister’s irresponsibility the most.

Chyra is the baby of the family and she is the typical stubborn, self-absorbed, flighty child. She follows her own whims and fancies as she so pleases. She tumbles through life for a while until she finds the field of culinary arts.

The running joke in the family is that their father, William Norton, really wanted a son after Zoie was born. He and their mother, Ella Jacobs-Norton, tried but every child resulted in another girl. Ella put the “y” in every child’s name because that would be his response every time that she gave birth to another daughter. So technically, there were seven sisters. The seventh sister was the first to open up to love but hopefully not the last.


Book 4, The Norton Sisters

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Book 3.5, The Norton Sisters

A Secret for Christmas

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Book 2, The Norton Sisters


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