#coverreveal Shaded with Love, Vol. 5



Shaded With Love: a coloring book for a cause
Volume 5 is almost here!!


This coloring book, featuring 93 designs inspired by your favorite authors, bloggers & Editors, will release on March 15th. All proceeds will benefit RAINN which is the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.


So get your one-click finger ready!
Find out more about RAINN by visiting their website. https://www.rainn.org/
Contributing Authors/Bloggers/Editors:


2 One-Click Addicts ~ A Page to Turn Reviews ~ Amanda Leigh ~ Amber Addison ~ Amber Lacie ~ Amelia Wilde ~ Andrea Johnston ~ Ashlynn Monroe ~ Author L.A. Ozz ~ Barb Shuler ~ Betty Shreffler ~ Blooming Books ~ Brandi Aga ~ Bree Dahlia ~ C.J. Lazar ~ Cassie Graham ~ Cayce Poponea ~ Chelle C. Craze ~ Cheryl McMahan ~ Cora Kenborn ~ D. M. Earl ~ Dani René ~ Danielle Wright ~ Darlene Tallman ~ Deneale K. Williams ~ Diana marie DuBois ~ Dirty Fairytales ~ DL Gallie ~ Dylan Allen ~ Dyllan J. Erikson ~ Eden Rose ~ Elizabeth York ~ H.M. Sholander ~ Harloe Rae ~ I DO(n’t) by Leddy Harper ~ Jack Jameson ~ Jaime Russell ~ Jas T. Ward ~ Jennifer Vester ~ Jiffy Kate ~ Jo-Anne Joseph ~ Jordan Bates ~ K. Renee ~ Kaitlyn Ashley ~ Kathleen Kelly ~ Kathryn Kelly ~ Kay Maree ~ KC Enders ~ Kelsey Elise Sparrow ~ Kenzie Rose ~ Kim Deister ~ Kristie Leigh ~ Lane Martin ~ Lauren Firminger ~ Lexi C. Foss  ~ Lilly Avalon ~ Lisa Shelby ~ Little Shop of Readers ~ LK Farlow ~ M.A. Foster ~ M.C. Webb ~ M.E. Carter/ Getting a Grip (the name of the book) ~ M.R. Leahy ~ Mareta L. Miller ~ Martina Marie ~ Michele Shriver ~ Mila Waters ~ Misha Elliott ~ Mitzi Carroll Copy and Line Editor ~ Nicky Fox ~ Nicole Banks ~ Nikki Ash ~ Phoebe Alexander ~ Reading After Dark ~ Reagan Hollow ~ Rebecca Gallo ~ Renee Dyer ~ Roux Cantrell ~ S. Van Horne~ S.N. Garza ~ Samantha A. Cole ~ Socially Awkward Book Nerd ~ Steffy Rogers ~ Susan’s Books I Like ~ Sylvie Stewart ~ Taryn Steele ~ Tracie Douglas ~ Tracy Millosovich ~ V.P. Ortiz ~ Verlene Landon ~ Vicki Green ~ Vivian Wood ~ Xana Jordan


Previous Volumes are available on Amazon!


All proceeds will be donated to Free2Luv


All proceeds will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


All proceeds will be donated to The American Foundation For Suicide Prevention


All proceeds will be donated to BACA: Biker’s Against Child Abuse!


Naughty Knights by Kelsey Elise Sparrow #giveaway #newrelease #naughtyknights

Title: Naughty Knights

Author: Kelsey Elise Sparrow

Genre: Adult Romance

Release Date: Sept 27, 2017

Naughty Knights kindle cover

“Now strip. I won’t tell you twice. I need to f*ck and I need to do it now. If necessary, I will rip a hole in those skintight pants of yours and pin you to the nearest wall to get what I want. If you value those clothes, get to removing them. You have until I get my dick out of these briefs to decide.”


“Wouldn’t I? Or maybe you’re right about that being a bit prudish. Don’t be so quick to judge.” Before she can offer up a rebuttal, Marc pulls her chair out. He quickly leads her to the dance floor she hadn’t previously noticed and leads her in a dance before whispering in her ear.  “As a butterfly takes flight and dances while bathing in the brightest sun does my heart beat in time with the rhythm of its wings when you are near.” Clearing his throat, Marc steps closer to her ear. “Just so you don’t think I’ve lost my touch. I prefer this one: I will strip you bare, bend you over that table, take you in every way that I please before making you plead for mercy.” He turns to gaze into her chocolate brown eyes before speaking again. “Now, which one of those gets you

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