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Paper Lipstick kudos:

  • This is my first read by Kelsey Elise Sparrow. I found this book on Facebook, the cover caught my eye, I read the blurb and thought it was something I’d enjoy.

    First of all, I loved Max. She was fiesty-(it’s the natural red head in her, I’m sure) as described she was badass and the banter between Max and Decker was my favorite part of the entire book. I loved the chemistry between them, it was hot and very sweet at the same time. Decker was definitely book boyfriend material. He was super protective and funny, two qualities most women can appreciate.

  • When a badass woman reconnects with with Mr talk, dark, and dangerous desire is sure to come! Max is the definition of badass female and she takes care of her life her way only. That is until Deckard Camden steps back in her life trying to protect her only to become consumed by her. This book has everything you could want and need in a romance. With strong willed and wild loving main characters trying to figure out there relationship with each other and danger all around them, this will take you on a wild ride with delicious fun along the way!
  • I want myself a Deck, and I want to be Max. These two were hot together, the chemistry was perfect between them. The way this one was put together was great. I loved the duel POV.
    I loved that there was more to this story than just them coming together. There was a threat that Deck was working on and this made it so much more than a love story. The way that these two complete each other just makes me want what they have. And the fact that Max is no shy violet, and she is a strong female character. Yes she has her vulnerable side, but still she is a character that is mostly portrayed by a male character, a tattoo artist. I absolutely loved Deck and Max and I want more. I will be looking forward to reading more by this author
  • I was gifted a copy from Kelsey Elise Sparrow and oh my gosh. This book is amazing. I need more Max and Deck!!!

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